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In just a few days the first official Strange Edge Publications e-book makes it debut. It’s an anthology featuring four novelettes by the authors Douglas Hackle (Wonderland Book Award-nominated author of Clown Tear Junkies), Dustin Reade (author of Grambo and We’re Decomposing as We Go…), G. Arthur Brown (the smug, crass bastard who publishes his own work in anthologies that his own press releases and author of Kitten and I Like Turtles), and S.T. Cartlege (author of House Hunter and Day of the Milkman).

Brian Allen Carr, Wonderland Book Award-winning author of Motherfucking Sharks and The Last Horror Novel in the History of the World, carefully crafted these 35 words on the topic:

In the tradition of Three Cases of Murder, this four sided apocalypse hymn will set your nerves to dizzy. The Strange Edge has brewed up something wicked, tasty. Drink it up and feel that darkness.

Matthew Revert, author of Basal Ganglia and Human Trees, had this to say:

I am emerging from a night infused with confusion and discomfort. I sat myself down, did my best to tend to ongoing hydration issues, and began reading the words of these four apocalyptic gentlemen. A brief sojourn with unusual words became more, tempting me toward the sort of all-nighter I haven’t pulled since my brief obsession with the American Ninja movies in the 90s. And here I am… evolved in some way. Douglas Hackle, Dustin Read, G. Arthur Brown and S.T. Cartledge. Four names, each rather unexceptional in a purely linguistic context, but behind these names reside people, and within these people reside ideas. It’s these ideas… these sickening, hilarious, thought-provoking, worryingly arousing ideas you must be careful of. Sure… reading these ideas can be achieved in one frantic night, but they linger beyond the act of reading them. They insinuate themselves and become a component of who you are. These four gentlemen of the apocalypse know what they’re doing, and I struggle to think of any who can do it better. This blurb is long, but how could it be anything else? How else can I both tempt you toward and warn you away? Read this collection. I have faith your mind can take it, but if instead these words take your mind, please don’t say I didn’t warn you. For those dissuaded by grandiloquent musings within blurbage, there is also a character called Wasilly.

Being praised by BAC and Revert is what The Strange Edge is all about. But it does not end there.

Danger Slater, author of DangerRAMA, said this:

If the God of Absurdity were the One True God, then this book would be his Bible.

Four novellas. Four writers. One cover. Lots of fun.

This was four strong novellas by four strong authors with four distinct voices who give four definitions to the word ‘absurd’. If you’re a fan (or just curious) about even one of these authors it’s worth the ticket price alone. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Or maybe you won’t be surprised, since I just told you you were going to be surprised. It’s difficult to be surprised if you’re expecting it. Let me fix that: “…it’s worth the ticket price alone. You’ll be pleasantly ENTERTAINED.” There, that’s better.

And Jason Wayne Allen, author of The Rotgut County Blues, had this to say:

The Four Gentlemen of the Apocalypse is modern absurd surrealism at its finest. The book is a collection of novelettes by some of the greatest writers in the realm of just, simply put, balls-out weirdo-insane fiction... a must-read for anyone into offbeat, hilarious or heartwarming stories. Plenty entertaining, and plenty weird…

This much praised anthology will appear on Amazon circa 14th of July. BEWARE.