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strange edge 2nd mockup (2)

Submissions have just closed here at The Strange Edge Magazine so that means the debut issue, Issue 0, is starting to come together. We’ve already accepted quite a few high quality works, and the last few stragglers are sitting in my inbox waiting to be evaluated. Some early acceptances include a short absurdist play by D. Harlan Wilson (author of the Wonderland Award winning Dr. Identity), a hilariously mindbending short from Douglas Hackle (author of the Wonderland nominee Clown Tear Junkies), two flash pieces from Ray Fracalossy (author of Tales from the Vinegar Wasteland), a video game review by Bradley Sands (author of Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You), an abstract prose-poem from R. A. Harris (author of All Art is Junk), another short play by the theatrical Michael Allen Rose (author of Party Wolves in My Skull), and a Lynchian story from teen heart-throb Sean Leonard (whose brilliant detective story “To Hell with the Metal” can be found in Axes of Evil). The official TOC will be revealed in October, so hold on to your hats.

The full-color, full-sized cover (b&w snippet above) was designed by Matthew Revert (designer of many fine book covers and author of the Wonderland nominee Basal Ganglia), incorporating the photography of the visually astounding Tracy Terrill.

You can expect the ebook-only Issue 0 release in early November. It’ll be super cheap to buy. You’ll never get so much goodness in one package for such a low price again in your life, unless you start robbing bookstores.  Issue 0 will serve as the flagship for what The Strange Edge Magazine represents, its mission statement, its promise to consumers. The plan is to create a semiannual print and ebook journal of weird lit that actually pays contributors as much as we can possibly afford to pay them. The Strange Edge aesthetic will be clearly laid out in Issue 0. That’s our guarantee.

Get excited… now.

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